Frequently Asked Questions

Loft conversions, construction and maintenance isn't always as easy as we make it look - check out the most frequently asked questions and if your question isn't listed, feel free to get in touch with us.

How can I find out if my loft can be converted?

The minimum height requirement (from the floor to the highest point) is 2.2 metres for a loft conversion to be an option. If your loft space has less height than this a conversion may still be an option but would require your upstairs ceilings to be lowered.

I have trust rafters; can my loft still be converted?

Yes. Over the years we have converted many lofts with trust rafters. We have a special system which does not require removing the roof or lowering your upstairs ceilings (unless the height is below 2.2m).

How do I get a quote?

By completing our online enquiry form or calling our office. From there we can arrange with you a convenient time to visit your home and discuss exactly what you would like to gain from your space and the different options available to you. Your quote will then be sent to you via email for you to look over and make any changes you wish.

What will happen when you visit my home?

At this appointment, Ian, our company leader, will come to your home at a pre-arranged time and have a look around your loft space, exterior or garage. He will take measurements and using his experience will talk you through your options. He will then discuss with you what your vision for your future space is and answer any questions you may have. Using all the information gained from the visit to your property, we will then provide you with a detailed quote which will be sent to you via email for you to look over.

I am happy with my quote. What happens next?

At this point we will invite you to look at previous jobs we have completed. We will do our best to find one similar to your vision or requirements. The next thing you need is a set of plans for building control/planning permission. Ribble Valley Home Extensions can take care of all of this with our in-house plan draw service, who will take care of all paperwork to the council up to the stage where building work can commence.

Am I committed to Ribble Valley Home Extensions if they draw my plans?

No. Once your plans have been drawn, we will issue you with the amount of copies you require as many people like to obtain many quotes. For this reason, your plans are billed for separate from your conversion. Many companies say plans are included in the overall price, this means you are committed to that company from the start or there will be a large charge for the plans to be used elsewhere.

I already have plans drawn. Can Ribble Valley Home Extensions still complete the work?

Of course! We supply our quote separate from the plans so there is no confusion in price. We are more than happy to take a look at your existing plans and create your quote from them.

Will I need planning permission?

Most extensions and conversions fall under the permitted development category and planning permission will not usually be required. However, there are some exceptions where planning permission will need to be obtained. For example, if you live in a listed building or your extension or conversion is over a certain size. You do not need to worry about this as we will guide you through the whole process.

Will my extension or conversion be subject to building regulations?

All loft conversions, single or double storey extensions and garage conversions require building regulation approval from the local authority. These regulations ensure safety measures are in place and set a standard of construction and design.

Will I need to deal with the council for my extension / conversion?

No. The council need to be involved with the work being carried out on your home however, we deal with all the paperwork and all inspections by local authority building control. From submitting the plans to the final inspection.

How much will my conversion or extension cost?

The cost is very much determined by the size of the project and what features you would like etc. With our extensive experience we can help you achieve the best of your space for your budget. Our quotes are fully itemised and fixed. That way you are in full control of your budget. If we make a saving on an item, we can pass that saving on to you. Also, if you were to make a change or add a feature mid-way into the work, a new quote would be given to you and agreed before the work completed.

Can I look at other conversions you have completed in the past?

Yes! We are incredibly lucky that many of our happy customers are happy to show people around their new space. We recommend you look at, at least one previous completed job. We will always try to find you a conversion or extension similar to yours within your local area that we have completed. Our gallery also shows a variety of extensions and conversions – some from start to finish.

Will the work be fully supervised?

At Ribble Valley Home Extensions our teams are highly skilled and experienced and require little supervision. Our boys know what they are doing! We have a supervisor who will visit the site regularly to ensure the work is being carried out to our high standard and to meet with you and discuss any concerns or questions you may have. With us being a family run company you will get to know us well and see you all often. There is always someone on the end of the phone, should you have any queries when our supervisor is not there.

Will I hear from Ribble Valley Home Extensions after my extension or conversion is complete?

Yes – we like to keep in touch with our customers to see how you are enjoying your new space. We also like to take photographs as we are proud of our work. With our structural guarantee, you can be assured that your conversion or extension is in safe hands for years to come.

Will an extension, loft or garage conversion add value to my property?

According to recent research conducted by Nationwide Building Society, adding an extension can increase your home value between 12 and 23%, depending on the size of your extension. A garage conversion can increase the value of your property by 20% and a loft conversion can add an average of 21% on to the value of your home